1 hr 30 mins
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Digital Europe of Citizens: Making digital technology work for the benefit of society

*This event is hosted at the Democratise Europe pavilion.

Organised by Netwerk Democratie

While Europe is becoming increasingly digital, we should discuss the way we can incorporate citizens' rights and democratic principles in our use of technology. How do we keep a say on the use of data, social media, AI and participatory technologies? In this conversation we explore the strategies we have to make our digital societies compatible to democracy.


Josien Pieterse - Director of the non-profit Netwerk Democratie, platform for democratic innovation 
Tessel Renzenbrink - Tessel writes about the interface between technology and society and is co-foudner of Gr1p
Douwe Smidt - With the Tada manifesto, Douwe ensures that people remain the point of focus in the digital city 

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