5 hrs
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Mini Model European Union

*This event is hosted at Texel Municipality

Organised by Bringing Europeans Together Association Europe

"While the EU is almost omnipresent in the life of EU citizens for most of them the EU, as well as its structures and values, it remains an abstract concept they struggle to understand and to identify with."-Olga Komorowski

It is primarily this problem that MEU simulations address with precision. At the moment, Euroscepticism is constantly rising. This is usually attributed to a lack of knowledge regarding the EU institutions and a lack of transparency in the political process directed to the citizens from their Member State. Anecdotally, the rise of anti-EU movements and public disengagement with the EU is attributed to the abstract concepts and the complexity inherent in its institutional structures. Without a clear understanding of what is taking place in European politics, citizens claim, they can’t get actively involved in it. The experiences gained during MEUs can actually address this issue even across generations. One of the best techniques for this is when participants get the opportunity to gain first-hand experience by interacting with the material in order to understand complex issues. In a similar fashion MEUs contribute to achieving a better understanding of the EU among people with an experience that helps them better understand the complex and multi-layered EU.

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