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Responsible Business in the 21st Century: Plastics - Not so fantastic!

*This event is hosted at the Burghtkerk, Den Burg.

Organised by METRO, EMI, EuroCommerce, Forum Europe, Detailhandel Nederlands, CBL, Ahold Delhaize

Places at this event will be allocated on a first come, first serve basis. Pre-registration is not required but will guarantee your seat and access to the complimentary, locally-produced buffet dinner and drinks following the debate.

The use of plastics in society has shot up the political agenda in recent years and months. Public campaigns from environmentalists demonstrating the damage that plastics not properly disposed of can do to the natural environment, has raised the level of public awareness, and governments around the world are acting to reduce the use of, in particular, single use plastics across society. Indeed, the island of Texel and its neighbours Terschelling and Vlieland, have come to face the reality recently when 270 containers, carrying a range of goods, much of them made from plastic, fell from the decks of Europe’s largest container vessel during storms in the North Sea, washing up on the islands’ shores.

With the issue of plastics use now deepening within the public consciousness around the globe, what are businesses doing to reduce their use across supply chains, and what responsibilities do citizens have? Are governments moving quickly enough to provide the necessary political and legislative frameworks in which action can take place, and what innovations are we seeing that will facilitate the necessary shifts in consumption patterns? How can the impact of plastics reduction, particularly on SMEs and smaller industries, be mitigated?

This debate, taking place as part of DEMOCRACY ALIVE, will address plastics use across society and look to drive forward the conversation around solutions and next steps.

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